How Two Mamas Are Living Their Dreams From Home

Some of the most inspirational stories are those of women who achieved the dream with a simple idea and a lot of hard work. These types of women are people who are looked up to around the world and give little girls the knowledge that they can do anything they set their minds to. Two perfect examples of women who are setting an example are Jennifer Jewett and Amber Hoerner, the founders of Mothers Hustlin’ Fashion.

It all started with a simple concept – women want to find affordable, good quality clothing that actually fits the way it should without having go through the hassle and disappointment of returning something that was too sheer, too tight, or just plain wrong.


Mothers Hustlin’ Fashion was born! Women can easily shop in the comfort of their own home and see the clothing on real women, not just models, so they know exactly how it will fit. Visit them on Facebook at Mothers Hustlin’ Fashion and check out their boutique here.

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When asked how they became so successful, Jennifer said “…find something you’re passionate and excited about and figure out how to make an income that involves it. It makes it fun and doesn’t feel like work”. Jennifer also commented that when starting a business, “…growing a social media network is key. Make friends. Stay active on both Facebook and Instagram daily.”

These ladies both have kids and families and still run a very successful business (And look great doing it!). I’ve personally been inspired by these women and I can’t wait to see what’s next from these two. I prefer to support small businesses and knowing that these women work so hard, I feel even more excited to patronize their awesome business.

To Jen and Amber – Thank you for showing us that we too can live the dream!


*Whole And Happy Living is not an affiliate of Mothers Hustlin’ Fashion and obtains no financial gain from this post or from promoting their business.




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