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From Passion To Thriving Business – Helping Moms In A Big Way

There are some seriously inspirational people in this world that make us feel like anything is possible. These are the people who see an opportunity and grab it; people who take risks and work hard; people who put their heart and soul into their passion. This story is a perfect example of one of those people.

It all started when Dina Conover, expecting her second child, moved to a new home with her toddler daughter. She felt isolated since she was not going back to teaching – she needed more. She decided to check out a “stroller class” at the park in her neighborhood. And that was it – she was hooked!

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The owner of the franchise became her very good friend and mentor. Because of her program, Dina became a marathon runner and regained the confidence she lost after becoming a new mom. About two years later, along with a friend, Dina decided to open her own franchise in a neighboring city. Dina tells me that “The program, called Stroller Strides at the time, saved me”. She knew she wasn’t going to go back to work in the traditional sense so this was the perfect decision.

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Since it’s conception, Stroller Strides has developed into an entire fitness program for moms at every stage. Now, Fit4Mom offers several programs: Stroller Strides, Body Back, Fit4Baby, and Stroller Barre. Fit4Mom Corona will be celebrating 12 years this June!

Dina found that her biggest challenge was learning when to let go. This business had become her baby and it was difficult at first to allow others to care for it. Of course, Dina says she had chosen the wrong people from time to time, but she has also chosen the most perfect people as well. So while delegating has been such a struggle for her, she is so thankful for the amazing team of women she works with now and has worked with in the past. She states “They are why Fit4Mom is what it is”.

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So what does Dina want you to know?

“Motherhood is HARD. No one really tells you that. You don’t realize how important relationships with other moms are until you have them. I have a whole other family thanks to my business. I have very dear mom friends that take care of me as if we are real family.”

“People ask me all of the time about how I handle my schedule. Yes. I have a very busy life, but it is mostly by choice. The best part of my day is the time I spend with my clients before, during, and after class. I thrive on brainstorming sessions with my ridiculously dedicated team. My little stay-at-home business has added more color and love to my life than I could have possibly every dreamed.”


Dina has accomplished so much with her business; From helping moms get their confidence back to giving moms a chance to connect and feel valued, Fit4Mom has been a gift for the community. To Dina – Thank you for all that you do!



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