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Not To Worry: 10 Things To Put Behind You

Don’t get me started – there are so many things to worry about in this world! Some days feel like a constant battle with worry and stress – with all the “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” swirling around in our heads. Oddly enough, most things that cause worry are those that we have no control over and yet we dwell on and stress over them constantly. Well, some things just shouldn’t be worried about – here are some examples of things you should stop worrying about immediately:

How Clean Your House Is

Seriously, the only person who sees the pile of unfolded clothes in the laundry room and the dust on the mantle is you. Are you spending time with your family, working on a hobby to de-stress, getting ahead at your job, or just sitting around being lazy? Great! Those are the things you should be doing. You will never look back at your life and say “gosh, I wish I had cleaned my house more often”.

What People Think of You

Do you strive to be a kind person and do the best you can? Then why the heck are you worried what other people think of you? You can’t control how anyone thinks and the people who judge will always have something negative to say. No matter what you accomplish, there will always be naysayers in life, so just be you and live your life!

Mistakes and Failures

Did you eat that cake when you were watching the calories? Did you say the wrong thing to someone you love? Did you not get that promotion you’ve been working for? If so, don’t beat yourself up over it – it’s simply a waste of time and you’ve got better things to do to get to your goals! Just give yourself a few minutes to analyze what you did wrong, stick that feedback in your head so you can work on it for next time, and move on!

Always Having To Look Your Best

You don’t always have to look your best when you leave the house or have someone over. If you feel like wearing sweats and not putting make-up on, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, I encourage it! Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’ve always said  I’d rather sleep than do my hair and make-up. To me, it’s far more important to enjoy the moments that matter most instead of taking precious time out of those moments (or deciding not to have those moments) to look “presentable”. Don’t forgo those precious moments because you’re worried about what you look like. Forget that shower or make-up to go see your friend on a whim, have lunch with your parents, have coffee with your significant other, or get a little extra sleep – you deserve it!

What Job, Or Title, You Hold

Your job does not define you – only your actions define you. Your title, or lack thereof, does not make you a better or worse person. Of course, you should definitely work on improving yourself at your job (or getting a new one, if that’s what you want), but make sure you take the time to improve your relationships outside of your job first. Relationships are what matter most, not money or work. You’ll find that if you’re happier outside of work, you’ll be more likely to succeed at anything you do (including work). And if you’re very unhappy with your job, figure out how to get a new one. Worrying won’t get you anywhere – take action!

How Much Money You Have

It’s important to save money and work hard so you don’t have to worry about your future, but remember that it takes time. If you worry about how much money you have (or how much you’re making), you’re missing the point. Instead of worrying, sit down and write out your budget. I bet you can find a lot of places where you can save. Once you see where you overspend, start cutting back and save just a little at a time. If your job offers a 401k, start by putting the bare minimum into it every paycheck. Every little bit counts so stop worrying about how much you have now and work on setting yourself up for the future instead.

Needing Help

You can’t do it alone! Whether it’s with finances, your health, a shoulder to cry on, child care, or getting projects done – everyone needs help from time to time. This is never something to worry about; It truly takes a village!

The Body You Were Given

Your health is extremely important and you should always strive to improve it. However, that doesn’t mean that if you eat right or workout constantly, you’ll change your big hips or your cellulite. The truth of the matter is that there are some things you can’t change. Due to genetics, you may never have that six pack or be a size zero – And that’s ok! Embrace the body you were given and don’t hate on yourself. Just do your best to treat that body right – eat healthy, exercise, and make better decisions about your health.

Taking Time For Yourself

Worried that you’re putting off something more important because you want to get a massage, enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, or read your favorite book? Well, don’t! One of the most important aspects of life is taking time for yourself. It’s good for your mental health and can help you stay clear-headed, motivated, and happy.


Life is not all about structure and strict rules. Life is about living! That means that you have to treat yourself to something special here and there. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, eat a piece of chocolate every day, drink that glass of wine with dinner (or a mimosa with brunch!), go see that movie at the expensive theater, or get that massage you so badly need. The important thing to remember is everything in moderation. Make sure you give yourself balance by letting yourself live because life is just too dang short.

Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset

These are just a few examples of unnecessary worry and I’m sure you can think of more. This type of worry is destructive to your well-being and can hinder you from having a life full of joy, precious memories, and accomplishments. You have to consciously shut down the worry when it comes into your mind. Think of ways you can solve problems and if it’s something unsolvable, then leave it be and stop worrying about it.

Happy Living!







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  1. This is the hard truth. Thanks for bringing it into the spotlight. We fret so much yet only a few things are worth worrying about. Great blog btw. What this gen needs most is motivation. So grateful. Keep posting. Cheers. 🙂

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