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10 Little Known Ways to Improve Your Health And Be Happy

There are plenty of ways to improve your health and, most of the time, you hear a lot about exercise and eating right. Well, I’m here to tell you about the less talked about, easy ways to improve your health and happiness. As humans, we need social interaction, healthy relationships, and an outlet to relieve stress, so it makes sense that we should make it a point to focus on getting more of those aspects in our lives. Here are a few ways to get started (and you can start right now!):


Whether it’s clothing, toys, money, or your time, donating is something that can benefit a lot of people. You can even donate your blood, if you’re up to it! Not only will you make someone’s day, but you’ll also feel great.

Focusing On Your Health

Your health may be fleeting so it’s so important that you focus on it today. Whether that means cutting back on sweets, starting an exercise routine, or getting yourself to the doctor, a small change can make a huge difference. Try taking it one little step at a time – you’ll be surprised at what a difference it will make.

Saving Money

A little bit can go a long way! Take a look at your budget, bills, and habits to see where you can save. If your workplace offers a 401k, sign-up! Even if you only put a few dollars in every paycheck, it will definitely add up. Don’t have any clue where to start? Take a look at this article with some suggestions: How To Save Money Now. 

Giving Randomly

Buy the coffee for the person behind you in line, cook a meal for your friend who just had a baby, or bring bagels to work for everyone to share for breakfast. Even the smallest act of giving can make a huge difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to involve spending money either – you can offer to clean someone’s house, take their dogs for a walk, run an errand for them, or help them move. Think outside the box with this one!

Being Kind To Others

Whether it’s smiling at someone as they walk by, holding the door open, or asking the cashier how their day is going, being kind can change the course of someone’s day (and make you feel great too). The best thing about being kind? It causes a ripple effect that influences others to be kind as a result of your kindness. Go ahead and start this one right away – you’ll be so glad you did!

Giving Hugs

Human interaction and closeness is so important to being a happy, healthy person. When you greet a friend, family member, or significant other, try giving them a nice big bear hug. I’m not talking about a “gentle pat on the back” hug, I’m talking about a “squeeze me because you love seeing me” hug! It’s amazing what a hug will do for your mood so don’t go another day without hugging the people you love.


Turn off the Netflix and get yourself to bed a little earlier every night to catch up on those Z’s. Sleep is one of the most valuable tools that we tend to forget about. It can help improve your memory, extend your life, sharpen your attention, lower your stress, improve your mood, and help you have a healthy weight. My goodness, that’s a lot of benefits! So hit snooze on that alarm – those errands can wait!


Go ahead! Laugh Out Loud! Turn on your favorite comedy, watch those hilarious screaming goat videos, or ask “Alexa” for a joke. Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells, increases infection-fighting antibodies, releases endorphins (the feel-good chemical), and can even temporarily relieve pain. In short, laughter has the ability to heal – both physically and mentally!

Making Time For Yourself

Take a bath, get a massage, read your favorite book, or enjoy your favorite hobby. Even if it’s just 10 minutes out of your day, it’s important to take some time for yourself to relax and de-stress. You deserve it!

Enjoying The Little Things

Take a walk on a beautiful day, enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, listen to the birds sing, call your parents just to say “hi”, and stop and smell the roses. There’s so much beauty in this world and so many meaningful conversations – don’t miss a single moment of it!

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When I decided to make these changes, my life turned around almost immediately. I now have less stress, better relationships, and a more positive view on life. If you have more ways that you find health and happiness, but you don’t see them listed, please comment with them below so we can all benefit! We’re in this world together so let’s make it an awesome one.

Happy Living!


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