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Mom Guilt: Why Parents Give Themselves A Hard Time

Mom guilt. No one tells you about it before you have kids but it’s real and it’s awful. There are days that you feel like you can’t do anything right as a parent. Your kids will choke on something, eat something they shouldn’t out of the cupboard or off the floor, drink something that causes you to call poison control, fall off the bed or couch and hit their head, run in the street, and a million other things during that split second you’re not watching them. Not to mention those times where you’ve accidentally forgot to set the break on your stroller and your kid went coasting down a hill backwards (this may or may not have happened to me recently).

As parents, we always beat ourselves up over those moments. We play it over and over in our heads and feel sick at the thought of what else could have happened. We feel ashamed and wonder how we could have let something like that happen.

Well, the truth is, no one is perfect! No one has all the answers; we simply learn as we go. No matter how closely you watch your kids or how diligent you are about not making mistakes, these things are going to happen. AND THAT’S OK! We need to make mistakes and experience the world to be able to learn – both kids and parents alike. You will get through those times and hopefully you’ll be able to look back on it and laugh (and even have a good story to tell).

The best part about all of these moments? There will come a day when a mom will tell you about (or you’ll be witness to) a scary moment they had with their child. They will tell you how embarrassed and guilty they feel. But luckily for them, you’ll be able to pull out a handful of similar stories and just like that, you’ll have instantly made your mama friend feel a little better. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to my mama friends for advice or to vent and I am so beyond thankful for them.

So, mama, please believe me when I say that you’re an awesome mom and you’re doing a great job! Put those moments behind you and learn from them – don’t let them consume you. You’re kicking butt at this parenting thing so don’t let those little hiccups bring you down.

If you have a “mom guilt” story to tell or if you just want to share some encouraging words, please leave your comments below. We are in this together and we really need each other to survive this crazy thing called life!

Happy Parenting!



2 thoughts on “Mom Guilt: Why Parents Give Themselves A Hard Time”

  1. Mom guilt is so real! I’m glad you are bringing it to light. I’ve had so much mom guilt especially when everyone gives you their opinion. When my son was really young it was hard because I was soooo tired, hormonal, bloated, and insecure about my weight. Now that he’s a little older and sleeping a little bit better I feel like I have a much better head on my shoulders. I just trust my instinct and with all the stuff that goes on in the world- I decided being nice goes out the window in favor of my son. If someone gives me weird vibes I avoid them, mother’s intuition is real and if I don’t feel like bringing him out or having visitors, that’s OK cold and flu season has been horrible this year. It’s at least one less thing I have to feel guilty about with all the mom guilt out there lol!

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