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Try It First With Amazon Samples

I personally love being an Amazon Prime member. Not only do I get free shipping on anything I need, I also get instant access to video and music streaming, lightning deals, free Kindle e-books, discounts on family necessities like diapers and wipes, and the ability to share my membership.

I just found out about yet another awesome Prime member exclusive from Amazon – Prime Samples! It’s a program that allows you to sample an item before you decide to purchase. All you have to do is purchase the sample and they credit you that amount to put towards a purchase in that category.

For instance, if you purchase a box of dog food samples, they will give you a credit towards your purchase in the dog food category. You essentially get a free sample and don’t have to waste money on a product you don’t like! I love it!

I personally like the Amazon Sample Boxes(affiliate link). They give you a variety of items in a number of categories such as beauty, luxury beauty, dog food, cat food, and optimum nutrition (categories change frequently and these categories may not always be available).

Here are some of the categories that currently offer samples (links will direct you to through affiliate links):

Beverages & Food

Sports Nutrition

Beauty & Grooming


Personal Care & Household

Vitamins & Supplements

These categories are subject to change but for now, you can take a look at what they have to sample.

From eye creams and lip gloss to baby food and diapers, you can find a sample for almost anyone. Check it out for yourself: Prime Samples

Not an Amazon Prime Member yet? You can sign-up for a free trial!

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