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Please Breathe: My Personal Battle With Unexplained Infertility (Final Chapter)

This is a continuation of my personal story. If you’re looking for the beginning, click here: Please Breathe: My Personal Battle With Unexplained Infertility (Part One)

     The longest moment of my life was from the moment my daughter was born to the moment I heard her cry. It felt like an eternity. “Please breathe, baby, please!”, I screamed in my head as she lay on my chest. And there it was; that sweet little cry that made my heart melt. She was finally here, in my arms, and she was perfect!

     Every day since then has been surreal. I still breakdown in tears every so often when I realize that I am lucky enough to be a mommy to such an amazing, beautiful little girl. I count every moment as a blessing and I wouldn’t trade any sleepless night, the hours of rocking to sleep, or the inevitable crying/soothing for the world. Where there was once pain, there is now immeasurable joy.


I wanted to share my story to give other women hope. This journey can be so difficult for many, yet very few people are talking about it. We shouldn’t feel ashamed of not being able to conceive and need to be able to lean on our friends, family, and the community for support. Let’s start this conversation and let others know they’re not alone. 

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