These Are Strange Times

These are strange times. No TP in site. Empty shelves stare back at us from every grocery store. We make masks out of old leggings. Bread and eggs are rationed. Ramen is hoarded in mass quantities. Gatherings for weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, funerals – all cancelled. Schools and churches are closed indefinitely. Millions of people are unemployed in an instant.

People stand 6-feet apart at a home improvement store

These are the times we’ll look back on in 100 years and wonder why we weren’t better prepared. We’ll ask why people couldn’t stay inside for just a few months to save millions of lives. We’ll wonder why we were all so concerned with blaming the president, the opposite party, or another country. We’ll laugh at the conspiracy theories and shake our heads at the outcomes that we should have seen coming. We’ll say “this would never happen nowadays”, as if that had never been said before.

People wait in long lines for toilet paper

I’m going to carry this with me for the rest of my life. Just like those who have come before me during a recession or depression, I will swear to never be unprepared ever again. I will vow to live in the moment more and to cherish every minute I have with the people I love. I’ll no longer under appreciate the expected – going to the grocery store, having coffee with a friend, setting up a play date for my kids, enjoying the holidays with my family. I’ll relish every moment as if it were my last.

Empty shelves at grocery stores

I’ve had several eye opening moments in my life but this one tops them all. The moment I had to make a face mask for my 2 year old was the moment it all hit me like a ton of bricks. The world can fall apart around us and we can do nothing to stop it. Remember to be present. Remember to laugh, cry, hug, and give yourself grace. This is not just a blip. This is a defining moment in history.

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