Incredible Baby Products That You Have To Try To Believe

There are so many products out there that claim they are awesome, but which ones have actually been tested and are proven to be life savers? I’ve compiled a list with the help of all my mama friends to give you the most extensive, tried and true products. I’ll cover every situation from needing better sleep, help with breastfeeding, teething issues, and much more. Let’s get started! (P.S. Some of these links are crazy long because they are affiliate links)

A Co-Sleeper That Puts Baby to Sleep (And Keeps Them Asleep)

Ok, so I keep asking moms why they swear by this co-sleeper ( they just tell me “It just makes them sleep!”. Seriously! This one is so incredible that you absolutely have to try it. It’s not cheap but I honestly don’t think you can put a price on sleep. Give it a shot! After all, if it ends up not being a perfect fit for you, there’s always the ability to return it (Gotta love Amazon!).

A Place To Let Baby Relax

This Boppy Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray is this awesome pillow-recliner that you can put almost anywhere to let your little one chill out. I personally had one of these and it solved the problem of being able to put my baby down but keep her close at the same time. I just put it right on the couch between my hubby and me. It gave us both a chance to be near her and let her hang out. This is in my top 20 purchases for sure (And the price is right!).

A Stroller and Carseat Travel System

Trust me when I say that you NEED a travel system stroller and carseat. Get this Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System, Black and your life will be forever changed! You can leave your little one in the carseat when you need to go out and about and if baby falls asleep, no worries – you can snap that carseat back into the car when it’s time to go without waking the baby. No muss, no fuss! This purchase is completely worth every penny, especially since this stroller drives so well and folds up in a jiffy. I don’t know what I would do without it! Also, some people will tell you that you need 2 strollers – well, I have two and I haven’t even opened the box on my second one (which is a lighter weight, non-travel system). Just spend the money on one really nice stroller system and call it a day.

A Baby Carrier Miracle

I received two carriers as gifts but this one I used far more often and so did my husband. This BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle – Black/Silver, Cotton Mix can be used with a newborn or an older baby. It can be used by anyone and can be adjusted in seconds flat for any body type. The carrier is easy to put on and take off, even with only one hand available. We used this carrier to walk baby around the house to put her to sleep, to take walks, and to just have her close while keeping our hands free.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets 

Oh my heavens, let me tell you! These Swaddle Blankets ( are the most amazing muslin swaddles out there. No one tells you how hard it can be to swaddle a newborn with the wrong blankets! These are perfect for any size newborn – from premie to 10+ pounders! I would have lost so much sleep re-swaddling my baby if I didn’t have these wonders.

Velcro Swaddles That Baby Can’t Squirm Out Of

This brings me to these wonderful velcro SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, Girly Bug (SM). These swaddles will save your sanity once your baby gets a little bigger and a lot squirmier. They come in multiple sizes so you can find one for any stage of your baby’s life. I would often use these in conjunction with the muslin swaddles to keep baby warmer and tightly rolled up. There’s no Houdini tricks with these swaddles – baby wont’ be able to wiggle out! You have to try these!

A Diaper Bag That Can Hold Everything OR Just The Essentials

There are so many diaper bags to choose from, how do you decide? My all time favorite is this Diaper Bag: It has separate pods for bottles/food and diapering needs so you can just grab the pod and go, if needed. I don’t know what I would do if I had to lug around an entire diaper bag all the time. With this diaper bag, that problem is solved and then some! Another plus – it also looks great as a purse (because you won’t be using a purse anymore).

A Dishwasher Safe Teether That Baby Will Love

So many people clamber over other super expensive teethers but the ones that seem to work the best are not the most expensive. Take this teether (, for example. It has a variety of parts to chew on that vary in texture so baby can always find part of the toy to soothe those aching gums. In addition, this is the only teether that my baby could hold as early as 3 months without dropping. It’s so cheap that I even bought multiples! This comes in handy when the inevitable “I want to throw everything” stage hits. On top of all that, it’s so easy to clean because it’s one solid piece and dishwasher safe! Hallelujah!

Dish Soap and Dishwasher Pods That Are Gentle On Baby’s Tummy

Yes, they make soap just to wash baby’s bottles, toys, and dishes. Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid 16.9 Oz (Pack of 2) will get any nasty milk residue off in a jiffy and it also keeps baby from getting a tummy ache like those other soaps cause. I actually tried this for the first time because I read that baby’s can get tummy aches and gas from using regular soap. I tried it out and it worked! A plus – these Dapple Naturally Clean Auto Dishwasher Pods, 25 Count have actually made my dishes sparkle more than the fancy brand of dish soap I was buying so now I just exclusively use these.


I am certain that there are many more I could add but these are the top products that come to mind that were worth every penny for me and my mama friends. Don’t forget to start your Baby Registry so you can add all these products and much more. You’ll also get a welcome box with free baby goodies!

Join the conversation and let me know in the comments what products you simply couldn’t live without! 



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