DoorDash Food Delivery Service Review: Starbucks Now Included

You're sitting at home, wishing that someone would bring you your favorite hand-crafted espresso drink and homemade waffles because you simply don't want to get out of your PJ's. Well, there's good news! DoorDash offers delivery from an incredible number of casual dining, fast food, and fast casual restaurant. You can even get Starbucks delivered! (YAY!)... Continue Reading →

Audio Books For Your Pup To Calm and Reduce Anxiety

Yes, you read that right! Amazon now offers "Audible For Dogs"! They teamed up with dog behaviorist Cesar Milan to show how listening can make your dog calmer and happier. I am SO EXCITED for this! Audible and Cesar's Way Inc. / Cesar Milan's Dog Psychology Center performed a study whose results suggest that certain... Continue Reading →

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