For The Comfort And Healing of New Moms: The Essentials

Whether you're about to welcome your sweet little one into the world, you've just given birth, or you're looking for something for a friend, you've come to the right place. I've compiled a list based on what I personally used and the recommendations of my mama community. BEWARE! This list is for real life so... Continue Reading →

Motherhood: You’ll Always Carry Your Child In Your Heart (Literally)

The saying "a moment in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts" is actually true, literally! "In pregnancy, women are shape-shifters, their bellies waxing like the moon. After delivery, they hold another kind of magic: microchimerism, a condition in which women harbor cells that originated in their children even decades after birth." (Source: The Atlantic)... Continue Reading →

10 Little Known Ways to Improve Your Health And Be Happy

There are plenty of ways to improve your health and, most of the time, you hear a lot about exercise and eating right. Well, I'm here to tell you about the less talked about, easy ways to improve your health and happiness. As humans, we need social interaction, healthy relationships, and an outlet to relieve... Continue Reading →

From Passion To Thriving Business – Helping Moms In A Big Way

There are some seriously inspirational people in this world that make us feel like anything is possible. These are the people who see an opportunity and grab it; people who take risks and work hard; people who put their heart and soul into their passion. This story is a perfect example of one of those... Continue Reading →

The Mediterranean Diet – A Diet That Works For Life

I have finally found a "fad diet" that actually works and is a healthy option supported by doctors! The best part? It involves drinking red wine! Yay! But seriously, this diet boasts lowering LDL's (that bad cholesterol that builds up in your arteries), decreasing risk of heart disease and cancers (especially breast cancer in women),... Continue Reading →

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